FASTING WEEK AUS & NZ 15th - 19th of August

      Get support before, during and after your 5-day ProLon fast. Fasting week includes discounted boxes, daily guides and information about fasting, daily live Q+A session with our dedicated Facebook community group and a raffle to win 2x free boxes of ProLon for your next fast.

      It all takes place in the comfort of your own home.

      Are you ready to experience the game-changing world of fasting?

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      How to Plan and Track Your ProLon Cycle Successfully

      Autophagy Explained

      How Does ProLon Work?

      ProLon Top 10 Tips

      How to Stay Hydrated While on ProLon

      Searching for Superhuman

      Professor Valter Longo studies fasting and the potential benefits it can have on our ability to live longer and lower risk of disease. Some benefits found by Valter in his studies included lowered blood pressure, blood glucose, body fat, decreased insulin-like growth factor and lower levels of inflammatory markers.


      Is it possible to reverse ageing?

      By uncovering the genetic secrets of humans and animals that live unusually long lives, scientists are finding extraordinary ways to wind back our cellular clocks.

      Anja Taylor investigates one of these methods achieving extraordinary results in just five days.

      Introduction to the Fasting Mimicking Diet

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