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Giving back — it moves everyone forward.

Redirecting money to fund research, develop cures and empower equality in our communities is not an afterthought.

Founded on the principle of putting patients and people first, giving back supports and betters the global community we live in.

Redirecting money to fund research, develop cures and empower equality in our communities is not an afterthought. It’s our business plan. A portion of sales donated to the Create Cures Foundation, We Do It Together, and Universities, to further our communities, education, research and equality.

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Create Cures Foundation Over $1.2MM Donated

A portion of proceeds are donated to the Create Cures Foundation, founded by Dr. Valter Longo.

Create Cures Foundation is a charitable and educational 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the purpose of finding cures for serious diseases and educating the global community to better understand healthy living based on real sciences. Consistent with the vision of Founder and President Prof. Valter Longo, Ph.D., they desire that everyone, including patients without financial means and those with serious illness, have the opportunity to attain a long and healthy life.

Visit The Create Cures Foundation — 

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We Do It Together — Empowering women through film, art, & media

We Do It Together is a groundbreaking 501(c)(3) nonprofit film production company. Their mission is to produce impactful films, documentaries, TV shows, and new media that are dedicated to the empowerment of women. They firmly believe that by joining forces with both women and men, we can challenge and transform the outdated and discriminatory paradigms prevalent in today's media landscape.

Supprt for We Do It Together helps to reshaping the narratives and imagery that perpetuate the marginalization of women worldwide. Through their work, they aim to foster a global movement that embraces inclusivity and gender equity.

Visit We Do It Together —

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Food as Medicine — Continued research

The astounding results of our innovative research were supported by grants from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and agencies in the European Union and resulted in funding from the Small Business Administration (SBA) to develop our Fasting Mimicking Technology.

Our breakthroughs have also attracted the attention of some of the world’s most prestigious institutions, leading to powerful collaborations to conduct clinical trials. These institutions have helped tremendously in furthering our understanding of fasting and Fasting Mimicking Technology. Their inclusion here does not imply product endorsement but is our way of recognizing some of them for their contributions to our scientific progress. Our continued product donations help ensure unbiased continual research in food as medicine.

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Thank you — for every purchase of ProLon helps to give back to continual research and causes that will enhance the world we live in.