Can food help us live younger?

Can food help us live younger?

‘Food is much more powerful than we once imagined. Every meal is either paving the way to healing you, or to harming you.’ – Dr. Sue Radd, Nutritional Scientist, University of Sydney.

We all know about the benefits of good diet choices to a healthy body. In this ABC TV documentary, the latest scientific connections between food, disease and our bodies are explored. It delves into breakthroughs in researching our ‘health span’ or ability to live longer lives, healthier lives. Which is what your Prolon FMD journey is all about!

Fasting, including the analysis of intermittent fasting and the benefits of ‘prolonged’ fasting like Prolon FMD, is discussed towards the end of the program – at around 47:00. You’ll even see a familiar Italian researcher and recognise a (brief!) branded feature.

Watching this was also a useful reminder on how to boost a round of Prolon FMD given how important the post-fast phase is, and how our everyday diet needs to support our bodies to stay healthy and live better lives as we age. The examples of the Mediterranean and Okinawan diets highlighted in this show are great to understand and emulate.

For you, when it comes to meal planning and cooking, especially in the week following a round of Prolon, try to have lots of plant-based, fibre-rich wholefoods available in your fridge and pantry to cook with. Fill your plate with things like legumes, fresh vegetables, dark leafy greens, small amounts of fish and plenty of extra virgin olive oil. One researcher suggests we should all be eating 30 different plant species in one week. How many do you think you eat?

Whether you’re into fasting for weight loss, a cellular reboot, a bodily cleanse, or other, deeper reasons, aiding your Prolon 5-Day fast by maintaining a healthy diet is crucial to your quality of life. But you already knew that, right?

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