Keto vs. ProLon

Keto vs. ProLon

If you’ve ever been on a Keto diet, you know that it takes commitment. In fact, you might be“Keto’d out,” and hey, we get it.

Consider the revolutionary, only 5-day ProLon Fasting Mimicking Diet. It’s Keto friendly and features tasty, specifically designed food that has enough nutrients to give you energy but doesn't alert your body’s food sensing system. That means on ProLon, you get to eat real food, but your body still goes into fasting mode. Sounds better than fasting by starvation, right?

ProLon has three main advantages over Keto. First, with Keto, you burn more fat from food, but with ProLon, you burn more fat from you!

Next, with Keto diets, to get into the cellular rejuvenation phase, you need to balance food, exercise, and usually practice intermittent fasting. But with ProLon, cell rejuvenation starts within days because you’re on a prolonged fast just by following the simple five day plan.

Finally, Keto diets are an everyday commitment,  but ProLon is just five days a month. You can decide how often to do it, depending on your health goals.

ProLon can help you:

  • quick start to weight loss and helps you maintain lean body mass
  • feel in control of your health
  • change your relationship with food and decrease cravings
  • support cell rejuvenation for healthy aging
  • improve energy, focus, and mental clarity