Fast Bar to support Time Restricted Eating (16:8 diet)

Fast Bar to support Time Restricted Eating (16:8 diet)

Fast Bar is similar to the L-Bar found in ProLon. It has been shown not to break the overnight fast when eaten in the morning. This may be helpful for people who want to practice a long overnight fast (time restricted eating) but finds it difficult in the morning.

A randomized, controlled study was conducted comparing the impact of consuming a Fast Bar vs. continued water fast, after a 15hr overnight fast.

Subjects in the Fast Bar group showed a 3-h postprandial beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) level and 4-h postprandial BHB area under the curve (AUC0–4) that were non-inferior to those who continued with the water fast (p = 0.891 and p = 0.377, respectively).

The postprandial glucose AUC0–4 in the FMD group was non-inferior to that in the water fast group (p = 0.899).

The results indicate that FMD bar consumption does not interfere with the physiological ketogenesis associated with overnight fasting and could be used to facilitate the practice of time-restricted eating or intermittent fasting.

Regular use of Fast Bar and restricting meals to two daily meals could be one effective way to practice daily calorie restriction for weight loss and to improve metabolic health.

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